Through our extensive experience at the forefront of programme and project management, we know that to achieve and sustain success requires a strong focus on people and their development. We recognise the exponential rate of change and, as an independent company we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients agile and bespoke coaching solutions.

We work with clients to unleash their authentic wisdom and creativity. Working collaboratively, we explore their needs and design a bespoke coaching approach, supporting people and driving success.

Individual Coaching
Our individual coaching focuses on personal and professional growth, underpinned by enhanced self-awareness. In partnership with our clients, we develop ways for them to manage energy, combat stress and nurture personal wellbeing. We provide guidance to enable increased interpersonal effectiveness, the building of stronger relationships and the development of personal presence and confidence.

Leadership Coaching
Nichols leadership and executive coaching supports our clients to develop personalised and effective strategies for collaborating, managing competing demands, moving teams to sustainable delivery, and building empowering cultures. Working one to one with our executive coaches, leaders are encouraged to grow the mindsets and skillsets necessary to create the future, moving from re-action to pro-action. We support executives to create and travel holistic learning journeys leading to personal transformation and the development of an authentic approach to leadership.

Empowering people to achieve success

Team Coaching
We support organisations in team coaching enabling them to create and lead effective teams as they drive towards a strategic intent. Our experience has given us insight into the key elements required to build high performance within teams. Our experienced coaches guide clients in creating forums for reflection on performance, facilitating powerful dialogue, and generating commitment for learning and change.

Nichols coaching approach enables individuals to achieve their personal and career ambitions and executive leadership teams to nurture creativity and innovation, improving business performance. We encourage team reflection and analysis to raise the innate wisdom within teams and drive sustainable and purposeful collaboration.

Forming strategic partnerships with our clients, we support them on their journey through self-reflection and self-discovery, creating space and time for openness, consciousness and wellbeing, motivating individuals to reach their full potential. By harnessing the best from individuals, leaders and teams, we bring greater success to projects and programmes and by extension, provide greater benefits to society.

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