Nichols responds to recent media activity 

Following recent media activity relating to Nichols work with HS2, we have published the below statement.

At Nichols we pride ourselves on the integrity of our business family.  As was conveyed to, and reported by the involved media, Nichols and our consultants have behaved entirely properly and in accordance with the Conflict of Interest protocols laid down by Government.  We conduct ourselves by the highest ethical and professional standards at all times and are proud of the work we do on major projects around the world. 

Of the consultants who have joined us from HS2 roles, only one was ever required to register by their previous role, and they did so.  Only one person has worked on the project for Nichols since leaving the Department for Transport or HS2 Ltd; this was also done in total accordance with the rules in place.  Neither Simon Kirby nor Stuart Westgate, who have been mentioned directly, have had any involvement with HS2 whatsoever since leaving the company.

We have acted within the rules required of us by Government, at all times. 


Control is simply not enough

Nichols Neil McCrimmon has written a thought piece about the challenges of running successful programmes. The article provides an insight into the importance of using influence and control as a programme manager, and with this in mind, offers considerations on how to best achieve the goals of the programme.

His article has been posted on the APM website. To read it, click here.


The Mike Nichols Award for Inspiration finalists are announced

Thank you to all those who entered, every application was truly inspiring and we would like to congratulate all those who applied or were nominated on their outstanding successes and achievements.

The winner will be announced at the APM Awards on 18 November 2019. Click here to view the finalists.


The Mike Nichols Award for Inspiration 2019

We are delighted to announce that nominations have opened for this year’s Mike Nichols Award for Inspiration.

This award celebrates the legacy of our founder and guiding star – recognising inspirational individuals, projects, programmes and organisations, and their contribution to successful transformational change for the world and society.  The award will be presented at the APM awards ceremony in November.

We very much look forward to reading your entries and learning about what has inspired you in the past year.  Please click here for further details and nomination forms.



Embracing diversity

Earlier this month Nichols Lisa Hogben presented at the Embracing Diversity Event hosted by the Major Projects Association. Many insightful and inspiring topics were touched on during the event, including discussions about why we should resist the temptation to recruit and promote people who remind us of ourselves.

At Nichols, loving variety is something we hold close to our hearts. We are proud to have such strong and passionate people within our business family who are keen to share this message with the wider community.


Frances and Kathryn speak to Emily Ashwell, New Civil Engineer

Frances & Kathryn Nichols

Frances and Kathryn Nichols were delighted to speak to Emily Ashwell from the New Civil Engineer earlier this month about the history of Nichols, what sets it apart and the vision for the future.

In this thought-provoking article, they touch on the origins of the business, as well as communicating the importance of values, creativity, diversity and inclusion to business life.

Having spoken at an International Women’s Day event just a few days earlier, this article is a timely display of Nichols passion to create balance, and promote and celebrate diversity in society.

Click here to read the article in full.