Nichols Foundation

The Nichols Foundation gives us the opportunity to go above and beyond and use our vision and values charitably to contribute to the environment and society.  As part of our wider Social Value and Corporate Responsibility Strategy, The Nichols Foundation annually identify causes that can benefit from our support, not just financially, but also from our skills in ideas, project, programme and change management.

Our Social Value and Corporate Responsibility Strategy structures The Nichols Foundation contributions within the following key areas: Social Wellbeing, People and Behaviours, Environmental Awareness and Economic Advancement. Within these areas, we set various commitments to ensure we deliver on what we promise and to challenge ourselves to stretch further. Our commitments include initiatives such as identifying and working with local community organisations in long-term partnerships to provide knowledge, annually donating equipment to local schools or sports teams and launching or promoting at least two equality and diversity campaigns each year.

Nichols is truly committed to being a socially aware and corporately responsible business, and by working together, we can unlock broader social and environmental benefits to share with those with whom we live, work and serve.


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