Strategic Planning

Strategic planning encompasses the discipline of ensuring that the detailed delivery plan addresses the needs of the operational system to be delivered, and that key products, interfaces and dependencies are clearly identified and managed through to handover.

Nichols recommends that this approach is adopted at the earliest stages of delivery to ensure correct focus. At later stages in the project we can be brought in to provide this missing perspective.

Our specialists have the rare ability to understand the detailed level of planning required, whilst understanding the overall operational context of the assets being built and the importance of their role in our client’s overall strategy. This enables us to map out objectives and minimum requirements to ensure achievement of our client’s goals.

A live, holistic view
for strategic decisions

Our approach ensures the detailed planning is comprehensive, interfaces and dependencies are understood, and are based on a firm foundation with a high level of confidence in delivery. We provide a Strategic Summary Schedule which is a holistic visualisation tool for the project or programme. It presents the status of key milestones and critical activities to the board, the programme management team, the sponsor and other stakeholders in a meaningful way. Our holistic visualisation techniques are especially appreciated at executive levels, as they provide a strategic view on progress.

Our strategic approach increases confidence and likelihood of delivery to operators. It supports identification of key dependencies, opportunities and risks, enabling optimisation of delivery and Whole Life Costs. Our approach ensures visibility of management information at both tactical and strategic levels, enabling live information-led decision making and achievement of the client’s goals.


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