A review is an independent, strategic assessment of the status, health and likely outcome of a programme or project. Our clients use the review process to gain an independent strategic assessment of an element of their organisation, be it management structure, efficiency, profitability or deliverability. Reviews are commonly commissioned where ownership or management changes have occurred, where there is considerable complexity and risk, or if a scheme has experienced significant changes to requirements, cost, schedule or funding.

We are renowned for our strategic reviews, having undertaken several hundred reviews of major projects or change programmes over the last four decades.

Independent, strategic assessment

We mobilise a small, high calibre team of experts with extensive experience across many industries and quickly and creatively identify and simplify challenging situations. In partnership with our client, we develop the scope of the review and lines of inquiry; and identify and plan to engage key stakeholders. Our tailored approach, intuition and insight are welcomed by our clients who benefit from early visibility of our finding and our open and clear communication style.

A Nichols review is strategic and collaborative, bringing clarity to complexity. Our advice has helped many clients improve their performance and gain confidence in the success of their delivery strategy. Our approach is consultative, and findings are evidence-based enabling our clients to understand the issues, and act on the recommendations, helping to deliver the review outcomes.

In many cases, a Nichols review will lead to the engagement of a team to integrate with the client and drive the implementation of the review recommendations. This enables our clients to build on the demonstrated value of our initial work and positive actions, and to maximise the potential of the incumbent team through knowledge sharing, coaching and mentoring.


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