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Client organisations embarking upon a project or major programme of works may not have the expertise available within their existing staff to ensure that their investment will be well managed and the benefits they expect to enjoy will be delivered. A Programme Partner is a powerful and effective solution. Working alongside the client as an extension of their team, it provides a rapid and assured way of substantially increasing their programme management capability and providing a ready source of experienced professionals.

Nichols has experience of mobilising strategic specialised and flexible programme partner teams with an unrivalled capability to fulfil our clients’ requirements. We deliver exceptional expertise with a small number of professionals who will integrate smoothly with the client team to maximise their involvement in sponsorship and delivery roles and to enhance client capability through a knowledge sharing programme.

Strategic and

Through the lifecycle of a project or programme, Nichols as a flexible Programme Partner, is able to adapt our team to ensure we provide the right skills to meet the changing requirements as well as continuity and stability. Our inclusive and innovative approach ensures stakeholder engagement and generates a partnership based on mutual trust and respect in the best interests of the client.

Engaging Nichols as a Programme Partner provides access to a wide range of specialist capabilities. We deliver strategy and increased momentum in key roles providing assurance and confidence to sponsors, stakeholders and the delivery organisation.

Resources can be deployed strategically and flexibly to overcome particular challenges, introducing different skills as required throughout the project lifecycle. This guarantees the quality of resources whilst minimising the time and effort associated with recruitment.

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