Management Office

Our clients need assurance at all levels that projects are progressing according to schedule and that costs and contingencies are being properly managed and controlled. Only with such assurance, can an organisation make informed strategic decisions about future funding and investment. Where timely progress and performance information is not available, a professionally implemented Programme Management Office can provide the necessary structure and rigour to create confidence.

We design and configure the Programme Management Office to meet the specific needs of the client and to reflect the complexity of any specific project or programme. A Nichols Programme Management Office will deliver active management advice based on a distillation of complex data into concise information.

Organisational centre
of excellence

Our experts are able to design and establish bespoke Programme Management Offices for our clients at the initial stages of organisational design, enabling development of the controls baseline and data collection and reporting processes. For clients where the organisation is more mature, we are able to establish a Programme Management Office at later stages where we ensure that all levels of the organisation are engaged in the development of the solution.

Nichols can also offer support through guidance and advice to the Programme Management Office staff and, if required, by adopting key roles in the during the initial stages. Where a Programme Management Office is already established, we can provide strategic capability reviews of functions, recommending improvement programmes to increase effectiveness, competency and capability.

A Programme Management Office brings assurance and confidence to the project portfolio and to the business as a whole. It provides trusted information to all levels of management enabling them to make key decisions. An effective Programme Management Office increases certainty of outcomes, supports effective resource management, and provides reporting and insights that underpin effective decision making.


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