Integration means ‘bringing together’. It is fundamental for every project or programme to amalgamate the various components to secure a successful outcome. However, we often encounter projects and programmes where the need for integration has been ignored, the complexity of the work has not been appreciated or it has been assumed that the supply chain would automatically take care of it.

Nichols will rapidly assess the situation, including a review of the status of the delivery programme and the contractual obligations of various parties for integration. This allows us to develop a current baseline and a plan for achieving the best possible outcome from the current position. We use our experience and expertise to gain control of the integration process and re-define the course to a successful outcome.

Unifying project elements
for a successful outcome

We rapidly establish a small, experience high calibre team. Our approach is to use the additional energy and confidence of our experts to introduce a different and fresh dynamic which encourages collaboration and the reprioritisation actions for both the contractors and the client team. We use our fresh view to map out the minimum requirements to achieving overall objectives by impending deadlines.

The client, delivery and operating teams are all essential in effective integration. We ensure the teams are aligned and engaged and that processes are in place to facilitate successful integration. We often employ a ‘war room’ approach providing focus and to encouraging engagement and teamwork throughout the project lifecycle.

The client quickly regains control and establishes an innovative and comprehensive integration process. Utilising our strategic systems planning and baselining expertise, we ensure that all the essential integration elements are managed effectively, providing the client with confidence and assurance. Our approach to integration provides clarity and purpose to every element of the project or programme, ensures they work effectively together and secures a successful outcome for the client.


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