Collaboration between and within organisations is critical to the success of programme outcomes. It is characterised by the alignment of common goals and priorities and the strength of relationships. Lack of alignment or collaboration can be a root cause of delays to programme delivery, inefficiency, cost overruns, constrained innovation and even contractual disputes.

Collaboration requires purpose and emphasis. Clear purpose brings people together across organisational boundaries, creating shared motivation and objectives. Ongoing emphasis ensures that collaborative behaviours are enabled – giving sustained focus.

Nichols facilitates collaboration within or between organisations. Our independence gives objectivity and credibility, we are trusted to facilitate open and honest conversations to build consensus and alignment. At a leadership level, Nichols works closely with leaders to facilitate and coach their teams, building alignment, lasting trust and sustainable collaboration. At a team level, Nichols supports teams to find their own common purpose, build trust and to establish ways of working which enable them to succeed together.

Aligned cultures and values

At programme inception, our experts share their knowledge on what collaboration means to teams and programme outcomes, setting the tone from the outset. When organisations have worked together for a long time, collaboration can dissipate. In these situations, Nichols creates the space and conditions to enable participants to acknowledge, address and move beyond issues and tensions, supporting them to regroup and focus on priorities and behaviours.

We deliver collaboration events led by experienced programme practitioners, supported by a professionally qualified collaboration scientist. These events introduce collaboration theory, practical guidance and tools. We focus on behaviours, coaching at group and individual level to support the changes required to sustain collaboration. We facilitate a safe space, exploring goals, challenges, tensions and behaviours. We encourage increased consciousness about impact on others and how this can impact delivery.

Our approach improves and strengthens collaboration at any stage of a programme. We help our clients to establish ownership and momentum for collaboration and enable individuals to move to a can and will do attitude, operating a one team mindset, with clearer shared goals and a greater certainty of achieving them.

Nichols supports organisations seeking or having achieved the ISO44001 standard (Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems), including aligned cultures and values with partners, developing collaborative behaviours and creating environments that build trust and enable people to focus on mutual benefit.

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